Monday, September 03, 2007

Coloring Mr. Kirby

hahahah!! DAYUMN! Almost 3 years later! ¦D

I'm squirmin' lookin' @ how toy my old sketches look down below. lol! Oh, well! Good memories.

Anyway... posted this on the Gelatometti blog and thought I might as well dust up this spot and post it here also. The original artwork's by the amazin' Mr. J.J. Kirby. I did the colors. Fun stuff! Comments/critiques always welcome. Enjoy!



Layne said...

Heyyy! I found ur blog, yay! Haha, it was by accident, I swear!

Not often I get to see ur coloring skillz, tho, nice! This looks familiar, have I seen this before? I like the highlights on his suit and muscles.

All right, just thought I'd let u know I stopped by. I'll link u my own one of these days ;D

meek? said...

LMFAO!! What a stalker-face you are! XD

Well, @ least you came outta hiding! LOL

Thanks for the comments on my colors!

Yeah, yo' ass BETTER link me to yo' blog now. lol!