Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Black Wonder Woman

This is my Nubia redesign. When I found out about her last year, I was very intrigued. I tried to incorporate the different elements I liked in her incarnations over the decades. I gave her a sort of Wonder Woman 1.0 look, if, say, Diana was a 3.0. I made her armor call back to her Pre-Crisis uniform while infusing it with the lion avatar she was known to rock Post-Crisis. I ran with the idea that her eyes turn lion-ish when she uses her gorgon stare, the use of which, I reimagine, to be extremely limited, similar to how Black Canary uses her "Canary Cry" as a last resort. Also, the stare would be way powered down to just affect its victims temporarily. Mang... I could go all day with the possibilities for a Nubia comeback. Make it so, DC! She needs to hang out with Donna.



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Glad you like! Thanks, Lee. :]