Monday, August 23, 2010

Teen Titans... Tomorrow!

Did this a while ago, but I really like and received decent feedback on it. My vision of the Teen Titans in the future... starring Sin, Jai & Irey West, Damian Wayne, Lian Harper, & Chris Kent. Enjoy!



MikeFitz said...

Love it- all you're missing it Robert Queen, Patricia Dugan and Jack Knight's two kids....

mic? said...

Thanks, Mike!

Cool! I never knew about those kids until my Google searches a few seconds ago. Robert Queen's now high on my list. I'm thinking Patricia Dugan and Jack Knight's kids would make very cool members of a JSA/Infinity Inc./JSI Tomorrow team! I might move Sin as Black Canary over to that also. Thanks for sparking so many ideas!

Since the time I finished drawing this piece, I decided that the next time I draw the Teen Titans Tomorrow, I'm definitely going to add a Green Lantern Milagro Reyes into the mix. And, more recently, Maxine Baker as Animal Girl.