Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Golden Goodness

My tribute to the Golden Girls and Granny Goodness made it onto the October 2010 Edition of CSBG's Reader Art Gallery! Find it and illustrations from good illustrators HERE.

Many thanks to Brian Cronin and Comics Should Be Good for featuring my piece! As a bonus, here's a recolored version for my visitors. Enjoy and thanks for coming! Come again for real, for real!



Layne said...

Whoohoo, another feature! Caricatures are spot on, no mistaking those Golden Girls. Lol @ Granny Goodness being a real character, btw, I thought you made her up out of Bea Arthur love, haha! And while I do like the colored version, there's something about the monochromatic one that draws me in more. Maybe cause it's gold, I dunno. Anyways, lovin' it!

mic? said...

Thanks, Layne!

Bea woulda been my ideal Granny Goodness.