Monday, October 04, 2010

I Salute P:R

Sorry for the lack of updates to the regular viewers of my blog! All two of you. One of which is me. Hi Layne. lol! I've been ill, but this is an incredible pick-me-up.

Project: Rooftop by Dean Trippe

I've always been a HUGE fan of Project: Rooftop since I came across Spoiler Alert: It's A Stephanie Brown Special (almost exactly 3 years ago!). It's through this amazing site that I was first exposed to the likes of such amazing fashion and design-conscious artists/illustrators as Dean Trippe, Joel Carroll, and Joe Quinones among others... all of whom I continue to be an epic fan.

So it's a tremendous honor to join the ranks of the talent featured on the site, first with Fan-Art Friday: Metamorpho and, now, the Captain America: Fighting Styles contest. Thank you so much, Project: Rooftop, not just for the consideration, but for being a regular source of artistic and design inspiration. I look forward to contributing more pieces and hope to inspire others as the P:R artists have continuously inspired me.



Layne said...

Hi, mic?! Lol, I'm not your only viewer! It just takes time for the lurkers to come out of the woodwork and comment, haha.

I got some more time to read up on the contest, woah 150+ entries, some quality competition on there, too! Congrats on making top 3!! My favorite part of your redesign is the sheild, looks like it can double up as a weapon. So so great, keep it up!

mic? said...

Thanks, Layne! Very much appreciated!

I'm completely shocked. The biggest prize was the commentary/critiques. Dean Trippe caught all my lil' subdued touches and intent. I'm beyond pleased they came across. P:R reviewers have superb eyes for detail. They never disappoint. And WOW! Mark Waid critiqued my illo! It was just this weekend where I ranted (AGAIN) to someone about how his penned SUPERMAN: BIRTHRIGHT is my favorite Supes story ever & how it should be remediated into film, animation... EVERYTHING. One of my most favorite writers ever.

I will definitely work my best to improve! Thanks for the ubiquitous support!


Dean Trippe said...

Thanks for the kind words, man! Please send me lots more art to post. :)

mic? said...


You bet I will! :D Thanks for stopping by!