Friday, February 04, 2011


The San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival is literally one of the two things I look most forward to every year. (The other being San Diego Comic-Con International.) So when it announced that it's holding a Best Fest Shirt Contest, I jumped at the chance to show love! I designed what you see below, but I ended up not submitting because I lacked confidence in my final design. But I promise I still love the festival!

I chose to play off the theme of "Stories To Light," which was one of the elements in the submission package from where designers were to draw inspiration. I used a film strip visual in horizontal view to evoke a subtle storybook feel. Since we're oriented reading from left-to-right, I used direction to suggest that the Asian American Film Festival will bring "stories to light," as symbolized by the following frame with a portion of a film reel.

After looking at the top 3 contenders, I realized that they're using a total of 2 colors, which includes the ones in the lock-up. The asphalt doesn't count as that will be the color of the t-shirt. I thought the specifications meant up to 2 colors, not including what's already in the lock-up. Whoops! So here's another pass.

I encourage everyone to vote for any of the finalists whose design you like best! You can do that in SFIAAFF's Facebook page HERE.

I hope to see you at the event!


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