Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Was Literally Breathless

Sup, friends? How have you been?

I'm back! I got really sick this week so I couldn't submit for the current installment of The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good (THE best comic book blog site, in case you didn't know), but I couldn't leave the faithful and loyal readers hangin' with their record-breaking 120(!) suggestions for the week. And what a week it is! The theme? Music album cover homages. The art? AMAZING. So, please... I implore you to check out the greatness that The Line Artists cooked up HERE.

So so fresh, right?? Let 'em know!

I couldn't miss out on the fun despite my pitiful state, so I attacked my illo with the juice I had left in reserve. Peep what I came up with HERE.

As always, thanks so much to Sir Brian Cronin and CSBG for featuring my piece! I hope you all enjoy it!



Layne said...

Miss Question and Miss Kane, awesome! I didn't realize this was a parody of a Dick Tracy album, it fits perfectly! ("I'm FACEless" LOL!)

Any reason why you did Catwoman as her alter ego as opposed to costumed?

mshirley27 said...

It came out great, thanks again for picking my idea ^_^

mic? said...

LAYNE :: Thanks, Layne! That's actually Batwoman and not Catwoman. ;] Aside from just having drawn them in costume a couple weeks ago, I really love the designs of their civilian identities. Each very interesting, striking, and unique. I haven't tackled Kate Kane until this piece and her look felt right and "Madonna-esque." And since I focused on "Montoya" and not "The Question," it was appropriate to draw Renee in her civvies. It all just fell into place.

BIG MIKE :: Thanks again for the BRILLIANT suggestion! Man, the ideas for the touches came to me like lightning once I read yours. I'm so glad you dig it. :]


Layne said...

Holy crap, I did type Catwoman! I must have had your last piece still on the brain =P

Good choice, btw, she is pretty "Madonna-esque", the eyes do it for me.