Friday, March 11, 2011

Takin' It Back

It's that time again! You can get your weekly dose of The Line It Is Drawn right now over at Comics Should Be Good! Check it out HERE. This week, it's all about modern superheroes meeting their first appearance selves. Ha! Fun. I went with my favorite Green Lantern with a few special guests since I've been back on the Justice League animated series trip as of late. Although, honestly, I don't think I ever got off. But that's what she said for another time. Love me some Vixen & Hawkgirl. Enjoy!



Edward said...

Great work again! Clear to see you're going back through JLU, and I gotta say, this is a great end to that Love Triangle!! Fantastic art and hilarious dialogue to go with it! Keep it up!

mic? said...

Hahah! Thanks, big guy! Glad you enjoy it! It was a blast to make.

A lotta firsts for me in this illo!