Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chu On This

Tony Chu is on this week's The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good! And he's eating THE gingerbread house as The Line mashes up comic book characters with fairy tales. CHEW is my favorite comic book so there's no way I could resist Chu-sing this rare suggestion.

Buy/read some CHEW!

(Ken Leung for Tony Chu!!)



Layne said...

Nice panel work & what a twist!

Btw, why is the old lady wearing shutter shades? Hella random, lol!

mic? said...

So you're sayin' old people can't have style? That's incredibly agist, Layne!


I like her apron. Also her crocs. Because she's evil. Glad you digs!


Edward said...

Great work again! I really am thrilled to see panel work from you! I hope we get more soon!

And I must agree, it probably is because she's evil! Hahaha!

mic? said...

Besides not washing your hands in the restroom, rockin' the crocs is always a dead giveaway if someone is. ;]

Thanks, big mang! More sequentials to come fo sho!