Friday, May 27, 2011

It's About The Connection

When I saw the call to visually throw down for the legendary DJ Vinroc, I jumped at the opportunity. He got the sounds that continue to inspire and move me to do what I do. Two-time ITF world champion, representin' 5th-Platoon and TripleThreatDJs, founder of ThatsThat Label... and now at the forefront of a just movement to help our SF Bay Area community of talent to evolve in the face of new struggles and realities for artists and producers, he's leading the charge to connect the talent so everyone can move forward together. That's love for the people right there. I'm truly honored to be a small part to help spread it.

In words my visitors would understand, he's Professor X putting the call out to all the X-Men to get together for the benefit of all mutant and humankind alike. He's Nick Fury enlisting all the independent Avengers to work together for the greater good of the world. Can you digs?

Peep my illo, but, most importantly, download, enjoy, and get inspired by the beats he brought together HERE. Get inspired to do the good that only you can do, no matter what it is.

Make sure to get down with more Vinroc greatness over at ThatsThat Label!



Layne said...

Woah, C-3PO inappropriately touching R2-D2! OR pushing the right buttons :D

mic? said...

Oh, I'd say it's appropriate. :]