Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Walking Glenn

First and foremost, Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! I celebrate it every month, but every May, you can, too!

To set it off, here's my favorite character Glenn from The Walking Dead!

The illo was intended to be a part of The Line It Is Drawn, but I made a conscious decision to decline submitting because the challenge called for drawing in another artist's style and I feel that I failed to capture the style of the artist I chose. Can you guess who it is? If you can't, you win 'cuz you helped me prove my point! 

Catch up on The Walking Dead  comics HERE. Grab the TV show's first season HERE. Episode 2 rocks. That's all I'm sayin'.



Edward said...

I'm working on deciphering who the style is. I do see a lot of your influence and style, and I love it still, but I notice small things as well. Give me time!

mic? said...

Ha! You already won cuz you couldn't guess right away. Glad you digs, dude!


Layne said...

Dang, I don't know, can we get a hint? Is this someone I would know? I don't know as many artists as you guys, I'm at a disadvantage, hehe. Hmm, I think I can rule out Jim Lee, J. Scott and Cheeks. Did this person ever do art for "the Runaways"?

mic? said...

Ha! You win on arrival, Layne. XD I don't think you're familiar w/ this particular artiste.

And all the hints you'd need is in the image. But y'all should be happy. Everybody won so far!!