Thursday, June 30, 2011

The REAL Death of Jean Grey

This week for The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good, we're serving "Dramatic Reveals"!

To get a closer look of how Phoenix really died the last time, go HERE. Prepare yourself!

Don't forget to follow then tweet CSBG your suggestions for next week's topic: "Come up with something that you’d always like to see a comic book character do that you know they never will."

Have fun!



BigMike20X6 said...

I posted this idea with you in mind. Thanks for the great work!

mic? said...

hahah I took the bait! Thanks for the great suggestion, Big Mike!


Layne said...

Wow... Is Logan the bottom? Didn't expect that, lol!

mic? said...

If you really know how these two act around each other, it's actually pretty expected. ;]