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Twitter won't be able to stand my review for this book so I'm taking it to the blog. Cutting right to the chase, the story's average, but the art is multi-orgasmic.

I thought Green Lantern was Black? Whoever he is, I was very pleased to see his cocky butt get knocked out towards the end. Story-wise, it's very decompressed only showcasing the first meeting of 2 Justice League members, with cameos of 2 other members. The villain? One parademon. This is just NOT how I like my Jim Lee comics.

Say what you will about Jeph Loeb now, but he knew how to work to his artist's strengths... or at least when it came to Jim Lee when they collaborated on BATMAN: HUSH. We saw a different major villain or ally or 2 each issue because he knew that it's Jim motha'effin' Lee drawing and the fans needed to see how he drew as much of Batman's universe as possible since there was an ending in sight.

Not taking advantage of what Jim Lee can bring to the table is what made Brian Azzarello's SUPERMAN: FOR TOMORROW unenjoyable. He tried to make it deep, but it was just too angsty, overly decompressed, and all over the place for a year's worth of superhero comics. That run was what turned me away from Azzarello's other work as that was my introduction to the creator.

I hope the JUSTICE LEAGUE story is accelerated by the time issue 4 or 5 comes out cuz they would have
to know the criticisms by then.

I wanna see as much as I can, as many characters as I can, and as many fights as I can, while Jim is still drawing. Simple as that.

The art is glorious as expected. It more than makes up for what the story lacks. It's gonna be one of those comics that I'll always go back to just to look at over and over again. Jim's art is better than ever as is Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair's. These are comic book masters. The best of the best. When they come together, they form their own undefeated super-team.

It was revelatory to see Jim Lee draw Vic Stone, or Cyborg. I hadn't realized how rare Jim draws Black men until I saw his Vic. Just an observation. Can't wait for Cyborg to really join in on the fun.

Finally and unfortunately, I know who that Greg Lantern dude is. I just really like John Stewart as the Justice League Green Lantern. JLU forevs.

I give it 4 out of 5 donuts. Satisfactory fun if you turn your brain off for the lacking story and just sit back and savor the flavor of the remarkable art. The art's just that good.


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