Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Titanic Eight

Sup y'all? Long time no see! Here's a few recent pencil sketches to add to The Titanic Four. These 8 in total comprise my ideal Teen Titans roster. Hope y'all digs!



davidanstiss said...

Love these sketches as well as the Titanic four - but you are missing my favourite two :( Raven and Starfire (I know sadly she is in the 52- Outlaws book - but as a distorted Titan. I will never forget the Marv/Perez Titans ! I know that dates me but don't care !

mic? said...

haha No worries, my friend! That era is around my time as well! I love Starfire and Raven and they're in my ideal, more adult Titans roster.

I just might start a new drawing series for that team...