Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Whatever Happened to the American Amazon?

Still feel bummed about the loss of many of our favorite DCU characters pre-Flashpoint? I know I still do.

Thankfully, one of my deviantART buds, Juan Pablo Osorio, is spearheading a fancomic project that'll give us the closing chapter of the previous DCU with a focus on the characters that have been wiped away in the New52. It'll be told in the epilogue style of Alan Moore's classic Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

This is my redesign for Troy after she takes up the role of Wonder Woman in the story.

Hope y'all digs! If you wanna find out more information about or get involved with this project, contact Juan Pablo HERE.



Your twin. said...

Holy Shit.

mic? said...

lol I'll take that as a good thing. Thanks, Twin!