Monday, January 14, 2013

NOW! Warriors

Here's my Marvel NOW! cover for a New Warriors title I wish would drop. It's part of The Line It Is Drawn 121: Lesser Know Marvel NOW! Titles.

I love this team so much. One of the earliest and favorite superhero team books I was really into back in the day. At least the Nicieza and Bags run. 

Since no New Warriors line-up is complete without a Nova, I added Sam Alexander into the mix. And since Sam and his ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN cohorts remind me of an animated New Warriors anyway, I added White Tiger and Power Man along for the ride. Of course, this Power Man is Victor Alvarez since Luke Cage would be too mature and popular for this team... as are Spider-man and Iron Fist. The three are a great fit and really put the "NOW!" in Marvel NOW!, yes?

Well, it makes sense to ME! ;]

The banner and "NOW!" logo are expertly reproduced by a fellow Liner, the super-generous and super-talented Bill Walko! Thanks, Bill!

Hope y'all digs this illo as much as I enjoyed puttin' it together!


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