Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chu On This

Tony Chu is on this week's The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good! And he's eating THE gingerbread house as The Line mashes up comic book characters with fairy tales. CHEW is my favorite comic book so there's no way I could resist Chu-sing this rare suggestion.

Buy/read some CHEW!

(Ken Leung for Tony Chu!!)


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Senshi vs Titan

Yo yo yo... check it out! It's this week's The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good! The theme for the week? Anime/manga and American comic book character mash-ups. There were lots of fantastic suggestions. Ultimately, I went for the cast of Sailor Moon and the Teen Titans. Don't hate! If you're a true otaku, you know you at least appreciated the greatness that is Sailor Moon back in the day. I chose to go with a fight scene pitting the Sailor Senshi against my ideal "Big 5" Girl Titans. Go Cassandra Cain! Actually, for this piece, it's the "Big 4," but you'll see why. heheh

Also, I lucked out and got the truly awesome Daniel Irizarri to choose one of my own suggestions! To see what he wonderfully brought to life and to see my own piece, go HERE

While you're there, don't forget to give a HUGE shout-out to our very own Eisner Award nominee Caanan Grall for his Eisner Award nod for his Eisner Award nominated digital comic, Max Overacts!

After that, please make sure to drop your suggestions for next week's theme of comic book characters mashed-up with fairy tale characters over at CSBG's Twitter spot! Thanks for the visit... now go watch some anime!

My top recommendations...

UPDATE: Check out another amazing piece Daniel Irizarri made based on my suggestion, X-Force vs. G-Force, HERE!