Saturday, December 31, 2011

That's How We Do It in Lima Heights

Have a Happy 2012, y'all!
Here's an illo of the casts of 2 of my favorite comic book series of 2011 going at it! The students of Avengers Academy vs. Morning Glory Academy! Enjoy and see y'all on the other side!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Give As Good As You Get

Friends! Merry Christmas & A Happy 2012! Thanks for making this year the best yet for me and my love for drawing! I'm very blessed to be able to share it with all of you. Really great meeting and getting to know quite a few of you this year and I look forward to interacting with more of you in the next and on!
Here's my holiday illustration for The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good! Even the White Queen gets super-generous this time of year!

Peace & GOD bless.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Late Night Trinity

This week in The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good, we superified normies! So I chose a suggestion that included two of my heroes, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I cheated w/ Stephen since he already has a superhero alter-ego of sorts so I added Conan O'Brien to make up for it. I've been wanting to draw The Flaming C and Tek Jansen for the longest time anyway. Snuck in an excuse! Since Tek is a sci-fi space hero and Flaming C is a super-powered superhero, I chose to make Busboy-Man a street-level hero.

Kidnapped by a secret organization of right-wing extremists, Jonathan Leibowitz was brainwashed and expertly trained in various forms of hand-to-hand combat, intended to be used as an ultimate weapon to destroy the liberal agenda. On a fateful mission, Leibowitz was attacked and stabbed at the wrist with a margarita glass, which jumpstarted memories of his righteous life as a humanist busboy prior to his capture. He discovered that he couldn't completely shake the control his captives infused in his very being, but he attains moments of lucidity when he is reminded of strong aspects of his previous life. Now he dons the uniform of his once beloved occupation as he travels the nation hunting down the monsters responsible for his condition so he can find a permanent way to cut his strings. Jon Stewart is BUSBOY-MAN.

I totally just shat that out as I was typing. I debated whether getting stabbed by a margarita glass at the wrist was his achilles heel, but making it his moment of transformation seemed good, as well. Maybe he's a regular margarita glass cutter now. Fun!

Colbert News Hub featured my illustration! Visit and give 'em many "Tips of the Hat"! To my fellow Colbert Nation citizens visiting for the first time: thank you. Hopefully it won't be the last time. Munchma Quchi!

(Many thanks to Katt!)


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Keep Your Eye On The Cookie

It's fancy week over at The Line It Is Drawn as we mash-up comic book characters and literary classics! Fancy as we can be anyway. heh This is all brought to you by Comics Should Be Good, the freshest comic book blog site on the 'netz!

I love and miss the TEEN TITANS animated series so I chose a suggestion, which turned out to be from one of my buds, EdBart, that allowed me to give 'em a little nod. You can check out our pieces HERE. I hope y'all digs!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Great Gorilla of Manila!

I've been a big fan of Phil LaMarr since his days being The UBS Guy on MadTV. So when the opportunity to pay the talented actor tribute came thanks to one of our best suggestion-givers, Mike Shirley, over at The Line It Is Drawn... I had to get down!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Run This, Run This Back

A new The Line It Is Drawn is up over at Comics Should Be Good! This week, we're serving comic book characters teamed-up and mashed-up with musicians. Can you guess whom I chose? 

Storm's current costume in the comic books remains sadly generic so I chose to pay tribute to the amazing costume redesign by Beau Fornillos, aka popsyturvee. Check out Beau's redesign HERE

I wish Storm's handlers adopted this look officially. I wish a lot of the pros would adopt the redesigns of emerging artists for the characters in need of updates. Nothing says "I truly care about my characters" than making sure they look modern and at their best. Remarkable quality fan-made redesigns invaded the web in the past few years alone and it's a crime they're being overlooked or not getting enough attention. I'm showing love whenever I come across 'em fo sho. Hope you digs my little animation!


Sunday, November 06, 2011

Who Spit In Her Bean Curd?

Here's this week's The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good! The theme is comic book and Disney character team-up/mash-up! I repped for the Asian-centric film I love as much as y'all do! Hope you digs this one, too.


Monday, October 31, 2011

If It Isn't Love

Here's the latest from The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good! The theme is "Comic Book Super Bands!" I chose to pay tribute to New Edition with the suggestion of a band comprised of golden boys from four different and major comic book companies/imprints. So yeah... this one goes out to my fellow comic book and R&B lovers. It's an interesting mash-up in itself, though I'm not sure if there are many of us. heh Hope y'all digs anyway!


Thursday, October 27, 2011


I caved. I have a new Tumblr site. Check it out HERE.

Of course, I'll still mainly operate right here, out of my trusty Blogger site. I just wanted to see if I could reach out to more people with another tool. Who knows? Maybe in two years, I'll open up a Google Circles account!

But for now,, y'all. And here.


Friday, October 21, 2011



I just realized in the middle of Tweet Reviewing this issue that I sent too many consecutive tweets so I removed them to flesh them out here. I don't wanna be that twit that tweets multiple things back-to-back... too much. Heh!

The art is phenomenal as expected, from pencils to inks to colors. The only hiccup is on the first page where Barry Allen was missing a good chunk of his face. A minor detail!

In terms of writing, it's all getting better story- & speed-wise. The strength, however, is in the character work. I'm taking it all a bit better now that there are more characters that can feed off each other so I can see variety and more of less annoying dynamics. I was pretty much done with Batman and Hal Gordon after the first issue. I wanted others already and at least we got two more to mix it up with them here.

I really dig Superman's depiction. He wasn't made to be a chump as he often is when going up against Batman. He finally posed a real, credible threat when facing off against his superhero peers.

I'm actually warming up to Barry Allen. (Forgive me, Wally West!) The bit when he said "Then I'll clean up" was what did it. What a guy.

New 52 Batman's not a jaded ass-munch like the post-IDENTITY CRISIS Batman, who, out of paranoia, built a frickin' satellite to monitor the activities of his colleagues, which then became a sentient mass murdering machine! Overreact much? Anway, New 52 Batman's especially cool when contrasted against annoying Hal Gordon. Ugh... again with that Hal Gordon. We just can't shake that persistent green dingleberry.

Hal Gordon's my least favorite character, by far, but I'm glad that the numb-nut finally has a personality injected into his cardboard cut-out self, at the very least. It took decades, but it finally happened. He's finally more than his fake tan.

Another thing I noticed was how the personality traits of my favorite brave and the bold pairing of John Stewart and Wally West a la JLU have been switched now between Hal Gordon and Barry Allen. John Stewart's no-nonsense attitude translated to Barry's more straight-laced personality; whereas we can now look to Wally West's charm in Hal Gordon's pesky college bro humor. It must have had something to do with Ryan Reynolds' portrayal in this year's Greg Lantern film. I don't know. I didn't watch.

I'm very pleased with how closely they tied in Cyborg to the beginnings of the League. I was even more pleased that they didn't end the issue with a pin-up of Wonder Woman only because it would've reminded me of how glacial the pace of the story continues to be. I finished reading it only considering its strengths in art and character. The Steve Trevor and Amanda Waller transcript and the Cully Hamner design guides for Superman and Batman made it all an even more pleasant experience. I can't wait for the next issue.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 donuts. It's getting there!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Not-At-All Nude 52

Like Selina Kyle, I can't help it.

Check out our team-ups and mash-ups of comic book supeheroes and The Simpsons characters over at The Line It Is Drawn! Brought to you by Comics Should Be Good! You won't regret it. I think. Heehee...

Only in TLIID, my friends. Only in TLIID. Enjoy!


Friday, October 14, 2011

THAT is The Question

A brand new The Line It Is Drawn is up over at Comics Should Be Good! The theme for the week is comic book characters mashed up with board games. I chose this  particular suggestion because it gave me a chance to draw two of my favorite characters that happen to share the same heroic identity and legacy.

Guess Who?

Find out HERE. Hope y'all digs!


Thursday, October 06, 2011

Got To Get Your Fluids

This week's The Line It Is Drawn is up over at Comics Should Be Good! This time, we're serving comic book characters mashed up with genres different from their own. Being a huge The All-New Atom nut, I chose a super-cool suggestion featuring Victorian Adventure Professor Ryan Choi and Lady Blackhawk! I also threw in special guest Fancy Victorian Head because I miss him like that.

Check out my illo alongside my art collective's hilarious/dope pieces HERE. Enjoy!


Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Lady Fox & The Ghost Who Walks

Halle Burrehhhh... Halle Berry...

Here's the latest The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good! I was actually about to begin doing a Vixen redesign right before I came across the suggestion that included her so I leapt at the chance. Serendipity! Although, I decided to just do simple and minor nip/tucks of her previous costume to keep her intuitive. Not really feeling how generic her New 52 design looks.

Also, the Phantom was one of my most favorite characters when I was a young buck watching Defenders of The Earth so it was very cool to get to draw him again after decades!

Check out my illo HERE. Hope y'all digs!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Green Toast & SHAZAM!

Here's the latest The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good! The theme for the week is a mash-up of children's picture books and comic book characters!

I chose to pay tribute to this Dr. Seuss classic because the idea struck me like lightning once I read the sweet suggestion. Check out an embiggened version of my piece HERE.

I hope y'all digs!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

From mic? To Mike

Have you read/heard about what happened to Mike Meyer? It's really some messed up stuff. Read about it HERE.

So this week, The Line It Is Drawn, over at Comics Should Be Good, dedicated our Superman pieces to Super Mike hoping that we can cheer him up in any small way. Check out our drawings HERE.

If you'd also like to send any Superman-related notes, cards, or art to Mike Meyer, there's a mailing address in Greg Hatcher's article.

Scumbags suck. Nice people rock.

UPDATE: They caught the fiend that messed with Super Mike! And what a sleazy crook. Read about it HERE and HERE. Justice prevails!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Free Kobi!

Here's the most recent The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good! The theme was supervillain team-up. I chose a suggestion that pit Venom and King Shark against the mysterious Matter-Eater Lad of the 21st Century. Who could he be under those shades?


Thursday, September 01, 2011

Banded Together From Remote Galaxies

... are 13 of The Most Sinister Villains of All-Time.

We haven't seen them together in years, so here they are again in this week's The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good! The theme is Comic Book Cover Homages v.2 so I chose to do a fun suggestion based on the classic Justice League International #1 cover by Kevin Maguire. Check out my piece HERE. Enjoy!

Make sure to follow then tweet @CSBG your suggestions for next week's theme: Supervillain Team-Up! Choose two supervillains who haven't teamed up before to go up against any superhero you want! Fun!




Twitter won't be able to stand my review for this book so I'm taking it to the blog. Cutting right to the chase, the story's average, but the art is multi-orgasmic.

I thought Green Lantern was Black? Whoever he is, I was very pleased to see his cocky butt get knocked out towards the end. Story-wise, it's very decompressed only showcasing the first meeting of 2 Justice League members, with cameos of 2 other members. The villain? One parademon. This is just NOT how I like my Jim Lee comics.

Say what you will about Jeph Loeb now, but he knew how to work to his artist's strengths... or at least when it came to Jim Lee when they collaborated on BATMAN: HUSH. We saw a different major villain or ally or 2 each issue because he knew that it's Jim motha'effin' Lee drawing and the fans needed to see how he drew as much of Batman's universe as possible since there was an ending in sight.

Not taking advantage of what Jim Lee can bring to the table is what made Brian Azzarello's SUPERMAN: FOR TOMORROW unenjoyable. He tried to make it deep, but it was just too angsty, overly decompressed, and all over the place for a year's worth of superhero comics. That run was what turned me away from Azzarello's other work as that was my introduction to the creator.

I hope the JUSTICE LEAGUE story is accelerated by the time issue 4 or 5 comes out cuz they would have
to know the criticisms by then.

I wanna see as much as I can, as many characters as I can, and as many fights as I can, while Jim is still drawing. Simple as that.

The art is glorious as expected. It more than makes up for what the story lacks. It's gonna be one of those comics that I'll always go back to just to look at over and over again. Jim's art is better than ever as is Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair's. These are comic book masters. The best of the best. When they come together, they form their own undefeated super-team.

It was revelatory to see Jim Lee draw Vic Stone, or Cyborg. I hadn't realized how rare Jim draws Black men until I saw his Vic. Just an observation. Can't wait for Cyborg to really join in on the fun.

Finally and unfortunately, I know who that Greg Lantern dude is. I just really like John Stewart as the Justice League Green Lantern. JLU forevs.

I give it 4 out of 5 donuts. Satisfactory fun if you turn your brain off for the lacking story and just sit back and savor the flavor of the remarkable art. The art's just that good.


Friday, August 26, 2011

It's See Ya Later

This week's The Line It Is Drawn is live over at Comics Should Be Good! It's a bit bittersweet as we say our goodbyes to our generation's DCU. It's comics, though, so it's not always goodbye...

I pay my respect to the Milestone Media characters. I remain very sad to see Xombi go. It was a truly unique and refreshing title. And the others didn't get a fighting chance for me to get to know better. Fortunately, Static will get his own title and it looks like Hardware will be a supporting character. There's hope yet! Check out my piece HERE.

Don't forget to follow then tweet @CSBG for next week's theme:

COVER HOMAGES part deux! Pick a comic book character and place him/her/them into an homage of a famous comic book cover!

Take it easy and enjoy what you have while you can, y'all!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Orphan Maker

Aw Yeah! A new The Line It Is Drawn is up over at Comics Should Be Good! The topic was to age or de-age any comic book character(s) so I jumped at the chance to tackle The Runaways as babies, natch!

The always awesome Caanan Grall convinced me to follow through with an idea I had to interpret them through the artistic styling of Tiny Titans by Art Baltazar and Franco. I'll say it: Tiny Titans is the best Titans book since the Wolfman/Perez Era. Jump on the all-ages fun! And don't forget to jump on Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona's run on The Runaways, which is one of the best comic books EVER.

Check out my illo along with the pieces of The Line Beasts HERE. You're gonna wanna see the offerings this week. The fellas outdid themselves fo sho.

Don't forget to follow then tweet @CSBG your suggestions for next week's theme:

In honor of the “end” of the current DC Universe, come up with mash-ups or scenarios (cover homages, poses, etc.) built around the characters that are “losing” books upon DC’s New 52 relaunch, so we can give a fond farewell to Secret Six, Stephanie as Batgirl, Power Girl, Gotham City Sirens, Xombi, Red Robin (if you think he counts), Robinson’s version of the Justice League, the old members of the Justice Society and anyone else who is “losing” a title in the relaunch!

Do it to it!

Also, I gotta make sho to plug Caanan's IndieGogo project! It looks like Kickstarter, but I guess it's the Canadian-friendly version. Pledge to help Caanan bring his dope web comic Max Overacts to print! The Eisner Award-nominated comic is brilliant as its creator. Trust! Please spread the word!

Thanks for the visit, y'all!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

We're Rough!

A new The Line It Is Drawn is up over at Comics Should Be Good, the best comic book blog site ever!

One of our awesome suggestion-givers wanted to see the new Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales, joining a boy band... so I dropped it NKOTB style! This is my welcome for Miles. I can't wait for his stories and to share them with my nephew. Check out my illo alongside the HEE-larious non-Peter Parker Spidey pieces of The Line artists HERE.

Much respect to Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, John Rogers, Keith Giffen, Grant Morrison, and Brian Michael Bendis for creating compelling superheroes that reflect the real world. Thank you, champions!

Make sure to follow then tweet @CSBG your suggestions for next week's theme: age/de-age any comic book character!


Friday, August 05, 2011

Black & Blue

What's crackin', friends?

It's that time of the week! A new The Line It Is Drawn is up over at Comics Should Be Good! The theme is Acts of Vengeance. For those unfamiliar, it calls back to a Marvel event where heroes went up against villains that they haven't faced before. My favorite was the X-Men facing off against the Mandarin for various reasons:

1) It was one of Jim Lee's first Uncanny X-Men arcs.

2) It debuted the newly Asian, sexy Psylocke!

3) It heavily featured the dynamic duo of Wolverine and Jubilee.

4) Ninjas.

Anyway, for my piece, I chose a truly unique and clever suggestion pitting Blue Marvel against Black Adam! I love the latter, I plan on getting to know more of the former. I switched it up a bit to show you how I draw in traditional pencils, something I haven't done yet for TLIID until now. Check out my piece HERE.

I hope y'all digs! And if you do, here's something a bit special for and from me. I present to you my foray into selling original art on eBay! If you happen to be hankering for any of my drawings for a while (and why wouldja?!), this is your chance to own an original.

Bid on it HERE.

Thanks for the love, y'all!


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Cut Above The Rest

I needs to update! Apologies for the delay! I've been outta sorts ever since I prepared for and came back from Comic-Con International down in San Diego. To make a long story short: it was fun fun fun fun!

Belated congratulations to The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good for hitting our 50th Edition!! I came on somewhere in the early 20s so I'm very lucky to be able to celebrate this milestone with the OGs. You gotta check out the feature! Our fearless leader, Brian Cronin, gathered artists/illustrators from past to present to throw down! It's a wonderful surprise.

I've personally been a big fan of Erich Owen's style since I first stumbled across The Line so it's a thrill to share an installment with him. Even cooler that he chose one of my top alternate picks!

It's an epic honor to be a part of TLIID and to grow with Caanan Grall, Chaz Folgar, Daniel Irizarri, George Zapata, Nick Perks, and Sean McFarland. I look at these monsters' work and I see the future. Very exciting. Even better that they're literally the coolest collective of emerging artists/illustrators I've interacted with.

I must give THE huge thanks to Brian Cronin for asking me to be a part of something special. The wonderful opportunity couldn't have come at a better time. I am in your debt, sir.

Finally, thank you to all the readers, appreciators, and suggestion-givers for the support you've given us. We couldn't have gotten this far without you. It's a pleasure meeting some of you and I can't wait to meet even more of you.

Back to this week... at the time of selection, I was falling back in love with Samurai Champloo, so I was compelled to choose this team of 5. Check check check out our pieces HERE. I hope y'all feel 'em! Thanks always for the visit.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smiling Friends Shining Bright

What if Karolina Dean from Runaways ended up with Julie Power from The Loners instead of Xavin?

Find out in this week's The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good!

Go HERE to check out our pieces. Enjoy!

Don't forget to follow then tweet CSBG your suggestions for super teams, consisting of 5 characters (1 DC, 1 Marvel, 1 non-DC and non-Marvel comic book character, and 2 wild cards from any works of fiction)! Please go nuts! It's for OUR 50th EDITION!! Celebrate with us!


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Keep It Bubblin'

... even in these troublin' times.

What up, y'all? There's a NEW The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good! Guess which one's mine. Here's a hint...

He's the best there is at what he does. And what he does is blow bubbles.

It's a tough one, I know. Check out our pieces HERE.



Thursday, June 30, 2011

The REAL Death of Jean Grey

This week for The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good, we're serving "Dramatic Reveals"!

To get a closer look of how Phoenix really died the last time, go HERE. Prepare yourself!

Don't forget to follow then tweet CSBG your suggestions for next week's topic: "Come up with something that you’d always like to see a comic book character do that you know they never will."

Have fun!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

The New Guardians Revealed...!

... as Sesame Street Muppets!

It's Muppet Appreciation Week over at The Line It Is Drawn, brought to you by Comics Should Be Good! I calmed down a bit, but I admit I'm still a little excited over the DC Relaunch. So I chose to bring The New Guardians, comprised of representatives from each of the different Lantern Corps, out of the shadows of their first issue cover.

Check them out as they step into the light HERE.


Don't forget to follow then tweet CSBG your suggestions for next week's theme: Marvel Relaunch! Guaranteed to be as fun as the DC Relaunch theme!


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Dream A Little Dream

DC Relaunch for you! DC Relaunch for you! Everybody gets a Relaunch!

Oh, I wish. And I'm not alone.

This week for the The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good, we're celebrating DC's exciting September Relaunch! And we're doing it by having made first issue covers of DC-based titles re/imagined by our faithful readers and art appreciators.

Naturally, I chose one of my dream gigs and teamed it with one of the best and, incidentally, one of the coolest writers in comics, Gail Simone. Check out my piece and those of The Line giants HERE.

Thank goodness a guy can still dream.

Long Live Ryan Choi!

(Here's one of my early chicken-scratch roughs for the redesign....)


Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Nature Selected Them For Extinction

How amazing is Avengers Academy? Jurassically. That's how.

So when someone suggested to do Reptil as the Jurassic Park logo for this week's The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good, I pounced on it like a hungry velociraptor. The recent issue 14 inspired me to go where I took it.

Check out my meager illo and the masterpieces from The Line giants HERE. Spoiler Alert: You won't regret it! They killed it yet another week.

Next week's topic is so brilliant, I don't even know where to start. Make sure to follow then tweet CSBG your suggestions for a tweak on a DC hero or team and we'll each draw a #1 cover for that character/group. This is all in honor of DC's exciting announcement of the humongo line-wide changes in their universe come September. So... go nuts! Please!


Friday, May 27, 2011

It's About The Connection

When I saw the call to visually throw down for the legendary DJ Vinroc, I jumped at the opportunity. He got the sounds that continue to inspire and move me to do what I do. Two-time ITF world champion, representin' 5th-Platoon and TripleThreatDJs, founder of ThatsThat Label... and now at the forefront of a just movement to help our SF Bay Area community of talent to evolve in the face of new struggles and realities for artists and producers, he's leading the charge to connect the talent so everyone can move forward together. That's love for the people right there. I'm truly honored to be a small part to help spread it.

In words my visitors would understand, he's Professor X putting the call out to all the X-Men to get together for the benefit of all mutant and humankind alike. He's Nick Fury enlisting all the independent Avengers to work together for the greater good of the world. Can you digs?

Peep my illo, but, most importantly, download, enjoy, and get inspired by the beats he brought together HERE. Get inspired to do the good that only you can do, no matter what it is.

Make sure to get down with more Vinroc greatness over at ThatsThat Label!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Get A Grip

It's Dark Horse Comics Week for The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good! I chose the suggestion to pit Fear Agent against Aliens for my piece. I hope y'all digs the inks on this one! Check it out HERE.

Don't forget to follow then tweet CSBG your suggestions for next week's comic book character homages of famous movie posters. Thanks for the visit!


Sunday, May 22, 2011


Here's a pencil drawing I did—an homage to the classic cover of The Brave and The Bold 28—for my great buddy, Edward. He has a huge, almost unhealthy fixation for Starro, but like a good friend, I feed his need.

Wait... I did the right thing, right...?

Anyway... enjoy!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Utopian Gothic

This week, I made a Jubilee and Wolverine piece for The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good! Just in time for their guest appearances in X-23 #10—the last page of which was HOT, by the way! As an Asian Vampire American, it totally spoke to me.

Check out my piece and those of The Line artists HERE. There's gold to be found! They nailed the topic of comic book characters mashed-up with famous paintings! 

Don't forget to follow then tweet CSBG your suggestions for next week's Dark Horse comic book character team-ups/mash-ups! Preferably the non-licensed stuff. Thanks for the visit!


Friday, May 13, 2011


It's my favorite time of the week alongside new comic book day! The Line It Is Drawn is up over at Comics Should Be Good and we're serving mash-ups/team-ups of comic books and web comics! And the pieces are undeniably strong and hot this week!

I chose to honor Thor (I love his new movie currently in theaters) and Gordon McAlpin's brilliant web comic, Multiplex.

I'm late on the web comics thing, but I've sampled Multiplex previously and knew it was only a matter of time before I fully immerse myself into its fun vector art universe. This topic gave me the chance to finally fulfill that promise and I can honestly say... world, I am in love with Multiplex.

Hilarious hijinks; thoughtful, well-developed, and "real" characters; and movies that we hate, love, and hate to love! This one has it all.

I shits you not, I went through over 580 Multiplex strips in 3 days, over 400 in just the first day alone. I found myself seriously laughing out loud, incredibly sad, at times squirming, and many times in suspense. It brought out so many emotions and memories of people I knew throughout life. My favorite character is Jason, natch, and not just because he's Filipino (Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!), but also 'cause I see a bit of myself and my friends in him (and Kurt). Multiplex has been running 5 years strong so you're there to witness the growth in nearly every character.

I'm shocked this hasn't been developed for TV yet, but I'm thinking maybe that that's also just a matter of time.

Okay... enough gushing before I get down on one knee and propose to Multiplex, as I'm sure others have already attempted. Check out our pieces HERE.

If you still doubt how awesome Multiplex is, read Brian Cronin's review HERE on the first printed collection, which I hope to get my grubby hands on sooner than later. It's a must-own.

And if that still doesn't convince you, you can always slap yourself with a face-full of awesome by visiting to read it and fall in love with it as I have. Tell Gordon I sent ya!

For more info on web comics, celebrate A Month of Web Comics over at CSBG.

Don't forget to follow and tweet CSBG your suggestions for next week's theme: comic book character(s) mashed-up with famous works of art!

Have a great web comics-filled month!


Friday, Friday The 13th

Partyin', partyin'...? FUN FUN FUN FUN...?

UGH... great. Blogger lost my frickin' Multiplex post. Figures. It's Friday, Friday The 13th!

Anyway... my girl is back! As the BlackBat! When I found out, my drawing hand vomited this quickie to get the excitement out my system. I'm not a smoking dude, but I may need a stogie right about now.

UPDATE: My Multiplex post has returned! Yeee!


Friday, May 06, 2011

Goddess vs. Amazon

It's Artemis vs. Artemis! I gave the Amazon Artie pants since pants are all the rage these days. I also rendered in a new way that I'm not accustomed to. Fun stuff! Check out my piece over at The Line It Is Drawn! I hope you digs!