Friday, September 05, 2014

Alternative Press Expo 2014

It's been a long time coming... so come check out my first convention appearance behind a table!

Alternative Press Expo (APE)
October 4-5, 2014
Festival Pavilion @ Fort Mason Center
2 Marina Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94123
Table 606B

I'll have several con-exclusive prints for sale! I'm still narrowing down which I'll go with so please feel free to offer suggestions on which of my illustrations you'd be interested in purchasing.

I'll show off pages from my forthcoming self-published comic anthology entitled TATLO. I'm arting, writing, lettering, designing... doing it all solo on this one so it's taking some time to finish.

I'm also opening myself up for pre-show commissions with discounted Traditional prices for APE attendees who'll be able to pick up during the event!

Traditional 1
One character $40

Traditional 2
Two characters $75

Email me at micQuestion at micQuestion dot com for more details and/or to get on my list. If I don't reply within a day, please leave a comment below. 

I'm not planning on doing any commissions during the show for this one, so I can focus on interacting with visitors. Depending on demand, though, and how quiet it may be for me, I might do one or two impromptu commissions so don't hesitate to ask if I have a secret ninja menu!

Looking forward to meet you in person! Thanks always for the love and support!