Friday, February 22, 2013

Enter: Boo T. Licker

Here's my illo for The Line It Is Drawn 124: A Punderful Tribute to Peter David.

I happened to choose a suggestion from one of our best and regular suggestion-givers, Zack Williams, because it CRACKed me up so much at first sight.

I imagine Boo T. Licker to be some evil, depraved, sexual offending clown ejected from the same circus Deadman performed in. He eventually ends up as a ghost who complicates and makes Boston's death an unliving hell.

I'll let the rest of youse fill in the blanks. 


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Avatar: Revelations

Here are my character designs for The Line It Is Drawn 123: Post-Apocalyptic Comic Book Characters!

Being a HUGE Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra nut, I chose a suggestion from Starpilot Six calling for a "Post-LoK, Post-Apocalyptic concept for the next 'Avatar' incarnation."

My headspace was so immersed in the concept and characters, I decided to place all my focus on their designs and bits of their backstories. I imagine the world being like this...

The time of Avatar Korra was reaching an end. Korra accomplished much in her earlier years, but the exponential development of technology and the ubiquitous resentment against empowered benders outpaced her influence in her twilight years. Using such technology, non-benders launched a nuclear assault against nations of benders, which almost brought about the complete end of the world. In her final days, Korra averted earth's total annihilation. 

Half the world sought an end to bending, but after gigantic, horrific creatures rose out of the hostile and toxic environment from the disaster, everyone desperately searched for hope to combat the kaiju. However, earth was so ravaged and weak that the Spirit of the Planet was only able to produce one bender from each nation after reclaiming the abilities from all other surviving benders, rendering them powerless. The future of the Avatar world rests on the last benders...

The new Avatar is an earth and metalbender. Born from a military family when there was an organized military and raised by his mother, he aspires to live like the hero his father was. He learned how to bend earth and metal from former earth and metalbenders, like his mother, in his guerilla group. He takes to using and bending chains attached to his belt in combat.

An orphaned and scarred firebender is left to fend for herself in the remnants of the Fire Nation. Despite being persecuted and scapegoated by other survivors, she maintains an upbeat and cheerful attitude to mask all the struggle she faces protecting those who fear and hate her from the kaiju. She uses explosives she cooks up to accomplish this feat.

A mysterious waterbender with white hair aimlessly roams the world alone after suffering the tragic loss of his fiancee and displacement of his tribe. He wields a unique and familiar sword from generations past.

A sheltered and protected airbender travels with former air nomads giving humanitarian aid to those in need.

The four benders need to band together to seek out the rumored existence of elemental spirits who manifested themselves in the physical world to help combat against the monstrous kaiju. Is this the end of the Avatar world or is there hope for a new beginning?

Can. You. Dig. It??