Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Dream A Little Dream

DC Relaunch for you! DC Relaunch for you! Everybody gets a Relaunch!

Oh, I wish. And I'm not alone.

This week for the The Line It Is Drawn over at Comics Should Be Good, we're celebrating DC's exciting September Relaunch! And we're doing it by having made first issue covers of DC-based titles re/imagined by our faithful readers and art appreciators.

Naturally, I chose one of my dream gigs and teamed it with one of the best and, incidentally, one of the coolest writers in comics, Gail Simone. Check out my piece and those of The Line giants HERE.

Thank goodness a guy can still dream.

Long Live Ryan Choi!

(Here's one of my early chicken-scratch roughs for the redesign....)



Edward said...

Absolutely love it man! This book would be the first on any pull list of mine if it was out, and I really dig the redesign! I always love seeing your Ryan Choi pieces because your love and enjoyment of the character really shines through! Fantastic work as usual, and congrats on the kind words from Gail herself!

mic? said...

Many thanks, my fellow RC fan! It all means so much to me. I'm just very happy to see that I'm not alone w/ the love and enjoyment for this character.

I'll always celebrate the Choister and mourn his loss until he returns.


Xenos said...


Apparently Asians don't count for diversity. Toss a few black guys into books like Justice League and that's diverse enough for DC.

I'm so bitter about no news about Cass Cain or Ryan.

mic? said...

Thanks for dropping by, Xenos!

I'd be sincerely sad if there's nothing's to come of Ryan, Cass Cain, and/or David Kim (Xombi) in this new universe. And I'm saying this not only cuz they're Asian/Asian American (criminally rare!), but they're also AMAZING characters. I figure those 2 things would be celebrated and fought for, not boxed away.

I'm really happy for the other non-white-male characters coming up, though. Yay Vixen, Cyborg, Jason Rusch, Batwing, and Static! More Asian love wouldn't hurt. Still also waiting for news on Jaime Reyes and Renee Montoya. Both also amazing.


It's a shame that this is all still such a hurdle.


jim said...

Great stuff, man! I'd buy your book in a minute!

Word Verification, I shit you not: "bonings"

mic? said...

^lol! Classic! I wish I could set that as a permanent CAPTCHA for this blog.

Thanks, Jimbo!


Layne said...

<3 Ryan Choi! He may be small, but he's got one helluva bangstick! I like the second choice for layout, much more dynamic. I wonder, do you model yourself for these poses?

TheCathcart said...

I have absolutely no point of reference for Mr. Choi but the work is amazing as always...

mic? said...

LAYNE: For pin-ups, I usually I come up w/ poses and facial expressions off the top of my head through trial-and-error and sometimes research; rough what I like best in different angles; then look at myself attempting to strike that pose and making that face in the mirror for a few seconds to see if the body and face are able to shift and move in that way.

CATHCART: Thank you, sir! Originally a Grant Morrison concept, Ryan Choi was this amazing character Gail Simone wrote and introduced us to as THE ALL NEW ATOM. He stood out as a really fun and funny character w/ all this weird, many times absurd, sci-fi stuff happening to and around him. He and his cast were literally a breath of fresh air in the landscape of standard superhero fare and doom-and-gloom. He was unique in many and important ways... so of course he was brutally and sloppily killed off.