Thursday, October 06, 2011

Got To Get Your Fluids

This week's The Line It Is Drawn is up over at Comics Should Be Good! This time, we're serving comic book characters mashed up with genres different from their own. Being a huge The All-New Atom nut, I chose a super-cool suggestion featuring Victorian Adventure Professor Ryan Choi and Lady Blackhawk! I also threw in special guest Fancy Victorian Head because I miss him like that.

Check out my illo alongside my art collective's hilarious/dope pieces HERE. Enjoy!



Edward said...

As soon as I saw Head, I had the sudden urge to go read the entire series all over again.

Amazing piece man! I always love it when you pick a Choi piece and this was just amazing! His outfit looks fantastic!

But do I want to know what those purple things are? Knowing you, I'm really afraid I don't want to..

mic? said...

I wanna read it all over again also! I miss getting Head every month. I doubt our partial boy survived The Relaunch, though, sadly.

Thanks for the kind words, bud! Very happy you digs!

lol Those purple things are the bacteria that causes cholera, I swear! But Lady Blackhawk appears to get a kick outta their familiar-looking shapes also.