Sunday, January 15, 2012

I... Kiss People. With Outfits.

It's Doctor Who Week over at The Line It Is Drawn! I happened to choose a suggestion from one of my buds and Ernie enthusiast, Tammy Graham! Without further delay, HERE's Amy Pond meeting The Gotham City Gingers...

Many thanks to Tammy for the hot suggestion; and
Comics Should Be Good, The Mary Sue, The UniBlog, Nerd Approved, and my fellow Tweeps, Tumblrinos, Tumblrinas, & other bloggers for posting my piece. You all rock SO HARD!



Tammy said...

You're the best, mic?! Still so happy you chose this one.

mic? said...

My face lit up and smiled so hard when I found out I finally chose one of your suggestions when our pieces went live! :D


Dave M! said...

I had a similar idea just last month. Nice to know I'm in good company.