Sunday, June 23, 2013

Good Head: Atom

Aw yeah, Ryan Choi! I miss this dude right here.

Ryan Choi was the bearer of the Atom legacy when his mentor and previous Atom, Ray Palmer, disappeared. Ryan immigrated to the US from Hong Kong to teach Physics in Ray's stead at Ivy University hoping to eventually find out the fate that befell his predecessor. Ryan stumbled upon Ray's size-changing belt in his Ivy Town home and hilarity ensued.

Tragically, DC Comics decided to kill off Ryan Choi shortly after Ray Palmer's return. Aside from the fact that Ryan was a rarity in comics as an Asian American man carrying a mainstream title in the lead and titular role, he was also one of the most easygoing, funny, and relatable characters among the doom and gloom era of comics. He was literally more than his powers. He'll always be my preferred Atom.


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